How do I request a DRS transfer?

If you want to transfer a security using the Direct Registration System (DRS), you need to email our Customer Service team. For a cost of $30 each, we'll transfer DRS eligible securities from your ShareBuilder account.

Please email this information :

  • A request to transfer a certificate via DRS
  • A list of stocks you would like transferred (must be eligible for DRS transfer)
  • The number of whole shares to be transferred
  • The account number of the ShareBuilder Account
  • The name(s) on this account (if this is a joint account, both names must be included)
  • The email message must include the phrase "Issue a DRS transfer for (number of shares) share(s) for (ticker symbol)"

Note: If you do not have sufficient funds available in your cash balance, please send a check, wire funds, or place a one-time electronic funds transfer request from a checking or savings account to fund this request.