Transferring Eligible Securities Using the Direct Registration System

If you want to learn more about transferring securities via the Direct Registration System (DRS), please contact the transfer agent of the company in question. Contact information for transfer agents can be obtained from the Investor Relations department of the individual company.

After chatting up the transfer agent (and a DRS transfer looks like something that interests you) here are the instructions to get started:

Please email the following information to our Customer Service team

  • A request to transfer a certificate via DRS
  • A list of stocks you would like transferred (must be eligible for DRS transfer)
  • The number of whole shares to be transferred
  • The account number of the ShareBuilder Account
  • The name(s) on this account (if this is a joint account, both names must be included)
  • The email message must include the phrase "Issue a DRS transfer for (number of shares) share(s) for (ticker symbol)"

Tip: The cost for each DRS eligible security is $30. The cash needs to be in your cash balance before the transfer is initiated.

To verify that your security is DRS eligible, view a list of:

Note: Transfer agents for securities designated "DRS Only" do not issue physical certificates.