ShareBuilder is part of Capital One

You may have noticed a few changes on our website. Now that we're part of Capital One, it's time for us to show off new colors and a new brokerage name.

Our website and mobile app are just as powerful and easy to use, but now they’re decked out in red and blue. The new name for our broker/dealer is Capital One Investing, LLC, but we like to keep it simple – just call us ShareBuilder.

Your accounts haven’t changed
Your account numbers, username, and password are all the same. Keep on signing in at or on the mobile app.

The things you love are staying
We’re not adding any additional fees and there are still no account minimums. You get the same access to free research, stock ratings, and reports.

New privacy policy
As of November 1, 2012, all ShareBuilder accounts are under the Capital One privacy policy. Find out more about our privacy policy.

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