Withdraw Money from ShareBuilder

How do I withdraw money from my ShareBuilder account?

There are 3 ways to withdraw money from your ShareBuilder account:

Only settled funds held in your cash balance that aren't reserved for trades, other transfers, or holding periods, can be withdrawn from your ShareBuilder account.

How do I request an electronic funds withdrawal from my ShareBuilder account?

Speed. Convenience. Cost-effectiveness. It sounds like a commercial for a sports car, eh? But, we're actually talking about a sweet process called an electronic funds withdrawal (there's no charge, and it comes with 1-2 business days processing).

If that sounds good to you, let's get started:

  1. Sign in at www.sharebuilder.com
  2. Go to Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal (sign in required)
  3. Select the 'From' account (a ShareBuilder account) for the withdrawal
  4. Verify your bank information for the 'To' account (and make updates if necessary)
  5. Enter the Withdrawal Amount, then click Next (I promise we're almost there)
  6. Verify the request details, enter the last four digits of your Social Security number, then click Submit (mission accomplished)

Tip: If you have connected your ShareBuilder and Capital One 360 accounts, you can instantly transfer funds out to your Capital One 360 account. Just select Instant Transfer in the Frequency list.

How do I request a check from my ShareBuilder account?

For a $5 charge, we can send you a paper check. Of course, a paper check can take up to 15 business days to reach your hands from the time you request we send it to you, or your funds become available.

To request a check from your ShareBuilder account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal > Checks (sign in required)
  2. Select Request a check from your ShareBuilder account
  3. Verify that the address on file is correct and make updates if necessary
  4. Enter the withdrawal amount and click Next
  5. Verify the request details and authorize the withdrawal by entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security number
  6. Click Submit

Tip A quicker, more cost effective method is to make an electronic funds withdrawal.

How do I wire funds out of my account?

For a $30 charge, a Wire Funds Out request allows you to have funds withdrawn from your cash balance in your ShareBuilder account and wired to your checking account. Wire requests are processed by the end of the business day following the availability of your funds.

To set up a wire transfer out of your ShareBuilder account, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal > Wire Transfer (sign in required)
  2. Select the account you want to use and choose Wire money out of your ShareBuilder account
  3. Complete the form presented to you—be sure to verify the account information with your financial institution
  4. Click Next
  5. Verify the request and fill in your Social Security number
  6. Click Submit

Tip: For a withdrawal method almost as fast as a wire transfer (and without the $30 processing charge), consider using our free electronic funds withdrawal.

If your financial institution requires further wiring instructions, then enter the intermediary information provided by your financial institution. (Requests can be canceled up to the processing deadline of 2 PM ET on the same business day).

Checking or savings account information provided when wiring funds out will not change the checking or savings account information associated with your ShareBuilder account.

When will my withdrawal be processed?

The 'Process On date' indicates when the funds leave your ShareBuilder account. Your funds will reach your hands in a few business days. Check out the chart below for exact details:

  • Electronic Funds Withdrawal – Typically, funds reach your checking or savings account one business day after we process your request
  • Check Request – We'll send your paper-check 1- to 5-business days after processing—please allow 15 business days from the processing date for the check to arrive
  • Wire Funds Out – As long as the funds are settled, wire transfer out requests received before 2 PM ET process the same business day

When processing occurs depends on whether any of your funds are subject to any holding periods. Please refer to the table below:

Holding Periods
Funding Method Holding Period
Electronic Funds Deposits 5 business days
Check or Money Order 10 business days
Payroll Deposit No Waiting Period
Wire Transfer No Waiting Period
Proceeds from the sale of stock 3 business days