Transfer Money to ShareBuilder

How can I deposit money into my ShareBuilder account?

There are 4 ways to deposit money into your ShareBuilder account:

Funds deposited into your ShareBuilder account get parked in the cash balance. You can use these funds to place a trade or to make Automatic Investment Plan purchases.

As an alternative, you can pull funds directly from a checking or savings account to pay for your Automatic Investment Plan purchases.

Or, use Express Funding to place a trade.

Tip: We don't accept cash deposits. We return cash deposits to the proper owner after we receive them.

How do I fund my account with a one-time electronic funds deposit?

We think it's great you'd like to add money to your ShareBuilder account (it means we must be doing something right, so thank you for the compliment).

To make a one-time or recurring electronic deposit:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Go to Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal (sign in required)
  3. Select the 'From' account for the deposit
  4. The next step is the fun part if you ask me—let us know the date and how much money you'd like to add to your ShareBuilder account (must be a business day; no weekends or holidays, pretty please)
  5. Choose the deposit frequency, then click Next—review the transfer details, then click Submit
  6. Mission Accomplished

Tip: We could bore you with legal jargon, but we aren't that cruel. Instead we just wanted to let you know the funds request deadline is 5 PM ET for funds to be available on the next business day. Any changes you make to your checking or savings account information before that deadline on the day of a requested electronic funds deposit do affect the deposit you requested. You'll want to wait to make any changes until after 5 PM ET.

What is pre-noting?

Pre-noting is a series of small deposits made to ensure that payroll deposits will go through smoothly.

Your payroll department may pre-note before they'll complete a deposit into your ShareBuilder account. Pre-noting may take several pay periods to complete. Please direct any questions you have about this process to your payroll department.

How do I fund my account with a direct deposit?

We have a direct deposit form that lets you specify an amount to send from your paycheck to your ShareBuilder account. The funds are deposited in your cash balance and can be used to buy securities.

To setup a direct deposit from your employer:

  1. Sign in to the ShareBuilder website
  2. Click on Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal > Payroll Deposit
  3. Click the Direct Deposit form link under the Direct Deposit Instructions section
  4. Print and fill out the form
  5. Take the form to your employer's HR or Payroll department to have your funds taken out of your paycheck each pay period

IMPORTANT: Because your employer handles the transfer of funds, your payroll department must handle all changes to your direct deposit, including stopping the deposits. For routing purposes, your payroll department should consider your ShareBuilder account as a savings account.

When will my payroll deposits begin?

ShareBuilder cannot determine when your first payroll deposit will be made. Once you have submitted the paperwork to your payroll department, they may require pre-noting. Your payroll department should be able to answer any questions about the timing of your initial deposit.

What address should I use when sending a check via express mail?

Please express mail your check or money order to:

Capital One Investing, LLC
ATTN: Processing Dept
83 South King Street
Suite 700
Seattle, WA 98104

Checks should be made payable to Capital One Investing, LLC Please print the ShareBuilder account number in the "For" or "Memo" section of the check.

If we receive a check before 4 PM ET, we'll post it the next business day. If we receive the check after 4 PM ET, or on a weekend or holiday, we'll post it within two business days.

How do I fund my account with a check?

You can mail a check to us at any time, even if you typically use other methods to fund your account.

To fund your account by mailing us a check:

  1. Sign into your ShareBuilder account.
  2. Go to the Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal > Checks
  3. Select Mail a Check to your ShareBuilder account
  4. Click the View and print link under the Mail a Check Instructions section—a form pops up in a new window
  5. Print the form
  6. Mail the form and your check to:

    Capital One Investing, LLC
    PO Box 84028
    Seattle, WA 98124-8428

Tip: All checks should be made payable to "Capital One Investing, LLC" Also, please write your ShareBuilder account number on the check.

When making an IRA or ESA contribution, be sure to designate the contribution tax year on the form, if applicable.

Lastly, please note that we cannot accept third party checks, counter checks, starter checks or any personal check without pre-printed information (including name and address).

How do I fund my account with a wire transfer?

If you're looking for a quick way to get money into your ShareBuilder account, using a wire transfer is your answer. As a bonus, monies from wire transfers are considered "cleared" when they go into your ShareBuilder account. This ensures you can start trading right away, and these funds won't be subject to a holding period.

We provide this service free of charge, but your financial institution may charge a fee for initiating a wire transfer.

Here's how to wire funds to your ShareBuilder account:

  1. Go to Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal >Wire Transfer.
  2. Select the account you want to use and then select Wire funds to your ShareBuilder account.
  3. Click the link to View and Print the wire transfer form.
  4. Take the form to your financial institution so they can initiate the wire transfer.

Tip: If we receive a wire transfer before 4:00 PM ET, the funds post to your ShareBuilder account the same business day, but we cannot guarantee that the funds will be available for trades to be placed that same day.